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Since 1951, BBANYS has worked to improve the safety, efficacy, and proper utilization of blood products for the patients we serve. In 2021, we are proudly celebrating our 70th anniversary as an organization. 

The primary mission of BBANYS is education and the exchange of ideas among professionals in transfusion medicine. Since our founding, the field of transfusion medicine has faced innumerable changes. What has remained constant, however, is the need for us to continually adapt to the new challenges that are presented. We plan to continue to provide avenues to our members for educational enrichment and professional networking.

Membership in BBANYS affords many benefits to meet these challenges:

Cultivate professional contacts:
Meet colleagues in your field, network, and share ideas and strategies.

Receive the quarterly newsletter:
This publication will keep you current with transfusion medicine developments, issues, and research. Be informed about upcoming meetings and events throughout the state. Learn what is happening in your professional field and with fellow members.

Take advantage of educational opportunities:
Participate in the annual meeting's technical, scientific, or management sessions of your choice at a reduced rate. BBANYS provides accessible and economic seminars, programs, and meetings.

Be a leader:
Leadership opportunities are available. Serve on a committee or the Board of Directors.

mission statement

The Blood Banks Association of New York State is a non-profit, professional organization dedicated to improving transfusion medicine within the State by fostering education and the exchange of ideas among professionals in the field.

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